Do you own yourself?

Albert Einstein "You always have pleasure in doing your thing well; it must give you independence from the whole buffoonery into which we have been born. "

Have your thing.
Know yourself.
Own yourself.Have self -discipline. Be the boss of you.
The light you shine is actually God's light shining through you.It's not yours to withhold.Yet your free-will is yours,so ,of course you can close the window and allow the world to lapse back into darkness.Or you can hold the window open,through your consistent discipline and integrity.(Classnotes on love: Be Yourself Completely)
How can you give something to someone if you don't have it?
How can you give your life to God if you don't own it,or if Satan owns it?
Take your life's smithereens ,blown to bits by evil forces , and realize,"this is me." (Acknowledge your sinfulness.)
Then notice the few things that make you sing like a robin serenading the rising sun.... now you know your "thing", your calling.
Own that calling.Have your thing.
If you notice that little changes are making a big difference,then try to repeat those rewarding changes.With repetition we become better,till the new improved version becomes the new normal for us.(Classnotes on love:Room for Improvement)
Give this life, purposefully lived and fantastically fruitful, back to God, as your thanksgiving gift.

"The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire." (St.John the Baptist) Matt 3:10

Free will : the essence of humanity

God in His infinite wisdom created human beings with free will, not as robots. God in His infinite love did not slap down an instruction manual onto any baby born into the world. God in His omnipotence did not shackle us with laws,he set us free from all such artificial constraints.Governments make laws because they are afraid of imminent mutiny,they love their power and opulence, status quo is much to be preferred over lawless agitations. Not so for God,He already disturbed status quo when He decided to put the universe in motion.He definitely saw the agitation of spinning celestial bodies and yet was unafraid to add human beings into the mix. He is not risk averse. He was ready to pay the price for man's freedom,by dying on the cross.God taught us that our free will was His gift to us and He was willing,rather to die than revoke that gift.Sure the cross was crazy painful but for God a world full of robots, who loved Him "just because they had to ",was unimaginable and infinitely more painful.Our God loves to be in relationship and values our free gift of love to Him.