Some unnecessary evils!

Where are those details hidden?Which of my brain's recesses have I left unexplored in this wretched effort to retrieve old lessons? How many more trials will justify the emotional eruption, threatening to break the dams in my eyes and determined to kill the holy editor of my unholy vocabulary?

But before you empathize with my poor memory,I must confess,I have tried in vain but once.I've discounted the fact that it is a search tantamount to the quest for the needle in the haystack.There are still some leads that I keep circumnavigating because I'm too lazy to engage further mental powers!

Gone are those days of trying till the thousand and first time.(Hat tip to Edison,cf. the inspirational invention of the light bulb). Google has taught us an evil lesson,viz, why waste precious memory space when we can just ask the digital brain to remember data and later retrieve it for us.This doing away with the perseverance to commit lessons to memory ensures that none of our precious time is ever wasted.It's like being penny-wise and pound-foolish,(but of course we'll never admit it) because perseverance builds character  and character builds hope and hope is pretty essential if we are to create anything of breathtaking ingenuity.

We have ushered in the age of instant coffee and thrown out coffee brewed with love,welcomed the era of microwaving and thrown out traditional cooking,embraced the i-pill and thrown out the baby before implantation ,indeed we've taken to I-everything and thrown out,it seems to me, even our very own brains!!!

Calculators to do our math and search engines to replace our memory.Disuse atrophy of mankind's singularly remarkable power: memory! Research shows that learning is strengthened by repeated retrieval of information which strengthens neural circuits and we short-circuit the learning loops by out-sourcing retrieval to search-engines.

Used to the culture of instantaneous satisfaction,our generation may not understand hard work. Soldiering through repeated efforts or accepting inevitable failures referred to in retrospect as "stepping stones to success"may become outdated soon.Without the gift of perseverance we are bound to be lacking in depth of soul and resilience of character.Every tree is known by its fruits and the fruits of our generation will soon speak for us.You can be the next Edison,just gear up for a thousand- step creation!

Epitaph: Here lies a generation that "Googled" itself to 'brain' death.

(Hypocrisy alert: Author's search-engine usage is way over safety limits....Use discretion before taking any of the above to heart. )

Mother Mary

I'm like a child who's deaf and blind who can't see it's mother.It's a spiritual incapacity.But in a moment of desperation,(after all ,not being able to see or hear the mother, would frustrate any child ,no?)I cried out to Mother Mary.

I don't know why I persist in my defects.Unlike the physical world parallel where the possibility of  healing is bleak,in the spiritual world it is easily healed with faith.Despite several years of grazing in green pastures and drinking waters from fresh streams ,I still squint into the Light of God and am unable to perceive much.It's all too bright for my dark and dimwitted soul.

Anyway,I just want to record here in my 'not -so- private' journal that in my time of excruciating need,I cried out reflexively to my Heavenly Mother and she came to my aid. She interceded and Jesus healed a loved one of mine of her sickness.I have much hope that Our Lady will continue to pull me out of my spiritual deafness and blindness.

Another beloved relative also experienced much improvement when the Infant Jesus was honoured through the 9 day novena and mass.Just amazed at the power of prayer and wondering why Jesus wants us to honour His Infancy so specially. Wondering not in a rude way,but genuinely,out of a desire to love Him as He wants me to, when I am not able to and often end up classifying special devotions as superstitions .

Mary's role in the lives of others, inspires and also attracts me to desire what they have,that child-like love for the Blessed Mother.Please do share any inspirational advice you have for me, regarding loving Mother Mary, in the comments section. Thankyou!