He gives us what is good!

Have you been wondering why you have been disciplined a bit too harshly with repeated beatings every time you try to rise up from the ashes,...the cosmos / if you believe,God... seems to squash your efforts?

Well,contrary to your nagging doubt that the Cosmos/God is a sadist...it might not be an utter lack of sensitivity or love toward you at all as much as it is the guidance of a loving Father.

It dawned on me,the other day as I disciplined my toddler for spitting out food that she could have easily swallowed but refused to ,just because well,she wasn't in a mood for it/the taste wasn't to her current liking. I knew I had to teach her that it was a totally unacceptable behaviour. She didn't realize that she just spat out a good fifteen minutes of valuable currency in "mommy-time".She didn't know that what she spat out had the best quality fat, protein, fibre and vitamins that she could hope for.Basically she never realized that it was a dish custom-made to suit the taste of a 2 year old's palate and the nutritional needs of a hyperactive toddler.By spitting it out, she attracted the disciplining committee's (my)attention to the vast deficit in the gratefulness department. However she is just a toddler,still a lot to learn!

I had been given a very valuable gift.But I used to look the gift horse in the mouth and used to be so busy critically counting its teeth that I forgot to realize how much this gift was to be coveted.In my pride I forgot that unless by a miracle I wouldn't have even received this gift.The gift was full of custom made little sweet details that sort of had my monogram on it, yet I refused to believe.

(Rehashing everything I realize now that everything I have ever received in life has been extraordinarily the best for me.) So when I threw away the gift carelessly it must have hurt Him alot. I had to be taught a lesson. All the beatings have been well deserved.I only hope I can value every little gift in the future with trust that if we who are bad know how to give good things to our children ,our heavenly Father will not be outdone in generosity!* :)

In case you're wondering : the ashes and beatings I refer to are with regard to my thus unsuccessful pursuit of further studies, and the very valuable gift that I never really appreciated was my admission to a good institution for my graduate studies. :)

* Matthew 7: 11